About Motorcycling Australia

Motorcycling Australia (MA) is the governing body of motorcycle sport in Australia.  Our core business is to develop and apply the rules and regulations of the sport and represent our 25,000+ members Australia-wide.  We are also responsible for all Australian Championships and Series’.

Motorcycling Australia

MA operates within the framework of Local, State and Commonwealth Government legislation and regulations and is affiliated with the international governing body, Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

MA is a Federation with seven voting members, comprised of State Controlling Bodies (SCB's) from all States and Territories except for the Australian Capital Territory. 

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MA is a not-for-profit organisation and monies received are channelled back into the development of motorcycle sport across the country.  The majority of our roles and responsibilities in motorcycle sport are filled by volunteers, and without that volunteer support, our sport would not exist.  Along with the SCBs, MA conducts courses in officiating and coaching and has support services to assist volunteer development.

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Following close to 80 years as the governing body for motorcycle sport, the 2005 launch of a non-competitive form of membership of MA, called the Riders’ Division, signalled MA’s intention to enter the non-competition motorcycle sphere.

Other than the provision of a sporting motorcycle landscape, MA’s aim is to engage with the whole motorcycle community through:

  • promotion of membership
  • increased communication channels
  • establishing a Member Benefit scheme
  • preserving Australia’s motorcycling heritage
  • sponsorship opportunities
  • affiliating non-competitive motorcycle clubs
  • member events.

This approach has seen a rise in MA membership to more than 27,000 and more than 400 affiliated clubs, making MA one of the largest motorcycling organisations in Australia, and the only one to have a professio

nal staff and offices in every State and in the Northern Territory.

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