Historic Log Books

Motorcycling Australia’s Manual of Motorcycle Sport outlines all the rules as they relate to historic road racing at a domestic level. Following some recent confusion, MA wishes to make riders and officials aware of the following important points:

  • Log books must be produced at machine examination, and at any other times during a meeting, if requested by a meeting official. If a log book cannot be produced, the machine cannot be used at the meeting. Exceptions to this rule apply if the log book has been left at home etc, a "Historic Log Book Declaration" is signed by the entrant/rider, and a declaration fee is paid.
  • The only other exception is for international riders who have brought their own machine into the country. In this case, the rider/entrant must complete an "Overseas Historic Machine use" form which has been approved prior to the race meeting. Overseas Historic Machine Use Application Form
  • There are no interim log books. All Australian machines must have been issued with, and be able to produce, a current log book.
  • Persons who are constructing or purchasing a machine for use in historic road racing may choose to submit details to MA for eligibility approval prior to completion/purchase by submitting an Interim Approval Application Form.
  • Holders of a current Log Book who have made an update to a major component to their machine can submit an Log Book Amendment Form.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The average turn around time for new log books is 6 weeks. If the event you're looking to enter is within 6 weeks of filling out your Historic Log Book application form, there is no guarantee it will be approved in time.


Choose the correct form through the links below, SAVE the file to your computer. Fill in the form straight from your hard-drive and submit via email with just one click! 

  • Historic Log Book Application - Note: there is currently some issues with the online form, and it has been temporarily removed from the website.
  • Historic Log Book Amendment
  • Historic Log Book Change of Address
  • Historic Log Book Transfer of Ownership
  • Interim Approval Application
  • Overseas Historic Machine Use


OR: Download the form to print and fill in as a hard-copy.


Historic Log Book Application Forms contain details of machines make & model, a list of major components and pictures of the machine so that the Historic Road Racing Commission can make an informed decision on whether or not your machine complies with the technical and eligibility rules for the Period you wish to race in.


The most common reasons for delays in issuing of Log Books:


  • Number Plate Colours

The colour of the number plates must be correctly matched to the required colour for your machines capacity class, otherwise your Log Book will not be approved. Numbers do not have to be fitted.


  • Chain Guard (aka Shark Fin)

A chain guard must be fitted if the exhaust system or swing arm does not shield the sprocket. All machines must comply with the rules under section Frames and Parts in order to have a Log Book issued. This also includes the removal of Central, rear and side-stands, Traffic indicators, Headlamp etc.


  • Lateral Engine Protection

Currently required to be fitted for machines competing in Period 4, 5 & 6.


  • Application Photographs

Up to date photographs must be provided as a clear depiction of the machine. They must be taken directly side on (not angled), incorporating the entire bike (including wheels), and in sharp focus with an uncluttered background.

The photographs must be of the machine "race ready" (see points above), showing the completed machine as it would be presented to Scrutineering.

For faired machines, four (4) photographs must be provided, both with fairings on and off - including bottom fairings. For naked machines two (2) photos only are required, the left and ride sides of the machine.

Photographs can be provided as printed hard-copy, on a cd or via email. Photographs must be in full-colour and 6x4" in size, or emailed at a minimum print quality resolution (80+ dpi, 400mb+ etc.)

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