History of Womens Motorcycling

In 1994 (it took a while) in Brighton, England, 280 delegates from 82 countries held the first international conference on women and sport.

It was organised by the British Sports Council and supported by the International Olympic Committee who decided to “address the issue of how to accelerate the process of change that would redress the imbalances women face in their participation and involvement in sport”.

“Women are significantly under-represented in management, coaching and officiating particularly at the higher levels.

"Without women, leaders, decision makers and role models within the sport, equal opportunities for women and girls will not be achieved.’’

The FIM took an important step in the development of the presence of women in motorcycling (sport & leisure riding) and related activities by signing the “Declaration of Brighton” which was issued in 1994. 

The aim is to develop a sporting culture that enables and values the full involvement of women in every aspect of sport.

In July 2006, the fourth AMA /FIM International Women and Motorcycling Conference was held in Athens Georgia, USA. 

Cheryl Muldoon and Jacqui Beattie attended as the Australian representatives.

The underlying axiom linking the attendees was that women’s motorcycling is a growing business. 

Speakers included Lara Lee of USA Harley Davidson, and the most remarkable achievement from this conference was the creation of the Women’s Cup for the 2007 ISDE.

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