Trial is one discipline where speed matters not. Rather, it is the skill demonstrated by the riders in overcoming difficult and various types of obstacles without stopping or allowing their feet to touch the ground. The typical Trials machine is light and nimble, and its simply amazing what the top riders can do with them.


Motorcycling Western Australia brings again an exciting chance for Riders 13-18 years old within Western Australia, to be selected by our Coaching Committee and to attend the 2017

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Vine Inn Barossa, Mr Chris Linden, along with the Keyneton MCCs President, Mr Matt Rosenzweig, came together at the Vine Inn in late Decem

With a view to grow and develop the unique sport of moto trial in Australia the Trial Commission, Clubs, Motorcycling Australia and the trial community have collaborated in positiv

The new Level 2 course for 2017 is now available. To access the course simply click the link below or head to the ASADA eLearning home page and navigate to it from there.


Read about the people working behind the scenes on MA's Moto Trials Commission to help develop the discipline of Moto Trials in Australia.

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Trials Events 2010

What Moto Trials event are you most looking forward to in 2010?