Leaded Fuel

The use of leaded fuel is permitted under certain very restricted circumstances. These are dependent on the discipline. Check the individual disciplines for more details.
From January 2009, leaded fuel passbooks are no longer valid for the purchase of leaded fuel for motorsport. More information can be found
Competitors can buy leaded racing fuel or avgas from
fuel suppliers who hold, or are covered by an approval from the Australian Government. You cannot buy avgas for non-aviation purposes from airport fuel suppliers unless they are approved. The use of leaded fuels is banned in motorcycle sport as of the 1st of January 2019.
To buy leaded racing fuel or avgas from an approved supplier, you will need to supply evidence that you are a current member of a
recognised motor sport association or club. For Motorcycle Sport, a current Motorcycling Australia competition licence is required to be produced. Leaded racing fuel or avgas will only be supplied in sealed containers with capacity up to 200L, unless otherwise approved by the Australian Government.

Pump Fuel

Generally speaking, fuel must be purchased from retail petrol pumps of commercial fuel suppliers. Additives must not be used, except those specified in the relevant discipline chapters of the Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

Other Fuels

Other fuels may not be used, unless they are homologated by Motorcycling Australia as follows:

Homologation of Fuel

Unleaded fuel produced by an oil company for sale in the Australian general transport fuel market through retail petrol pumps in at least 5 states does not have to be homologated.
For the avoidance of doubt this means the fuel must be available for sale on demand from a roadside bowser outlet at each of at least 5 separate service stations in each of at least five Australian states or territories.

Organisations seeking homologation of fuel must provide MA with:
a) Two 1-litre sealed containers of the fuel for analysis,
b) Details of the fuels characteristics,
c) The distribution network,
d) The price structure,
e) A homologation fee of $2,500 in the first year and $2,000 per year thereafter.

Homologated Fuels - 2016

Homologated Fuels - 2017


Homologated Fuels - 2018

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