Rules and Making Rule Changes

Rules are sometimes created, amended or deleted to make the competition easier or fairer, or to reflect new technology or equipment that has become available. Sometimes Rules are amended so that their meaning is made clearer. 

The following describes the process involved in the creation, amendment and deletion of Rules. 

  • Feedback on current Rules is always welcomed and encouraged in regard to the ways you think we can make the sport better for our competitors.

  • Any feedback received regarding current Rules is sent through to the relevant Commissions or Committees via MA's Senior Administrator.

  • To put forward a suggestion for a Rule amendment or inclusion, download the Rule Change Proposal form here.

  • The suggested Rule change is then added to the agenda of the next Joint Commission Meeting, and the Commission will have an opportunity to make an official recommendation. These recommendations will be available under the Commission minutes for feedback (refer to timeline below).

  • The MA Board and relevant Committees will then decide to accept or reject the proposed Rule change.

    • If rejected, this will be reflected in the final Commission Minutes, which will made available for public viewing from the MA Reports & Minutes section of the website.

    • If accepted, the rule will be appear in bold in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport in the following year. Likewise, any Rules which have been deleted will appear as crossed out in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport in the following year.


Below you can see the procedure for consideration of items by Commissions:



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