Information Bulletin #1855
May 03, 2018

Affected Discipline:   All Disciplines   Information Pertains to:   Junior Age Grouping


Any Junior competitor who chooses to compete in more than one discipline (e.g. Road Race and Dirt Track) has the opportunity to move up an age group by reason of a birthday in one of those disciplines, whilst maintaining their age as of the 1st of January in another.

For example, a 12-year-old competing in a 12-year-old age group in both Road Race and Dirt Track may have a birthday during the year that would allow them to move up to a 13-year-old age group. If they choose to, they may remain 12 years old for the purpose of Dirt Track, whilst moving up to 13 years old in Road Race.

We have come to this decision as we see each discipline as a separate entity, and by moving up by means of a birthday in one discipline, (provided that is not the change from a junior to a senior licence at age 15/16) shall not affect the current age of another. 

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