Nominate your Local Motorcycling Sporting Hero/Club and Win!
November 10, 2017

Inside Sport is giving back to the unsung heroes of Australian sport by offering $10,000 in prizes through the 2018 Sportscover Clubbies Awards.

Now entering its third year, Inside Sport’s community sports awards are more exciting than ever with a new presenting partner, Sportscover, a new look and additional award categories to celebrate the best from our sporting grassroots.

The Clubbies is not about the coach with the most wins or the club which claims the most premierships. Clubbies is about rewarding the dedication, integrity and sportsmanship of those who put their souls into community sport.

“We have a passion at Inside Sport for great sport stories, and we’ve found there are so many great ones to be told in grassroots sport,” the magazine’s editor, Jeff Centenera, said.

Inside Sport and Sportscover have partnered with the Confederation of Australian Sport (CAS), representing 90 national sporting organisations, to shine the spotlight on these selfless volunteers.

Celebrate your sport’s grassroots heroes!

Award categories include: Best Club, Best Coach, Best Stalwart, Best Sports Association and Best Masters Performance. Two new categories will also be awarded this year: Best Administrator and Best Facility.

Last year’s Clubbies campaign attracted more than 600 entries from 35 national sporting organisations and had a print, digital and social reach of more than 2.3 million sports fans.

Nominations close on January 30. A short-list of nominees will be announced on February 15. Voting continues until April 15, with the winners announced on May 3.

To nominate your club go to -

Hashtag - #Clubbies2018


BEST CLUB: East Bankstown Football Club (NSW)

BEST COACH: David “Charlie” Whetu, Grays Point Arrows Softball Club (NSW)

BEST STALWART: Noel McCabe, McLeod Country Golf Club (Qld)

BEST SPORT ASSOCIATION: City of Sydney Netball (NSW)

BEST MASTERS PERFORMANCE: Esther Brooks, Atherton Tablelands Dressage and Equestrian Association (Qld)

For more information or to find out how you can support the Clubbies, please contact:

Kathy Stone

Clubbies Project Manager 0428 515 156
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