RULE CLARIFICATION Information Bulletin #1637 ATV
September 14, 2017

Affected Discipline: ATV

Rule Pertains to: 
OEM Frame and OEM Engine Configuration, Junior Machines
Rule in the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport:
15.14.3 Engine Capacity and Tolerances where in Junior competition the words OEM standard or Limited are used, all ATVs must be OEM machines with no modifications. OEM type engine replacement is accepted (or other standard parts). Any engine or part must be a direct bolt-in replacement with identical engine mounting points and using standard OEM frame engine mounts. All Junior ATVs up to and including 90cc 2-stroke and 125cc 4-stroke Limited and Comp classes must retain OEM engine cases and frames, see GCR for exceptions.
There has been some confusion regarding the interpretation of this rule.
The engine and frame must be from the same OEM. If the frame is made by one manufacturer, the crankcases must also be manufactured by the same OEM.
You cannot use the frame from one OEM and the engine from a different OEM.
Frames sold as a rolling chassis or kit are not an OEM Junior ATV, and therefore selected engines from different OEM manufacturer cannot be used.
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