MA Saftey - Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy
February 10, 2017

Motorcycling Australia (MA) and the State Controlling Bodies (SCBs) are committed to providing a safe environment for employees, participants, officials and volunteers. The sport recognises that illicit drugs and alcohol affect an individual’s ability to participate in motorcycle events and activities.

The MA Safety -Drug and Alcohol Program commenced in September 2014. The program focused on educational reform regarding the dangers of illicit drug and alcohol use, in particular the implications of operating motorcycles while affected by drugs or alcohol. The initiative focused on re-education and prevention, rather than enforcement.

The major outcome of the developmental Drug and Alcohol Program was that any participant whom produced non-negative results were excluded from the event in the interest of general safety.
Members and Officials have indicated the desire for tougher penalties and sanctions in relation to riders returning a non-negative or a positive test for illicit substances and/or alcohol.   
MA has further developed our Drug and Alcohol Policy in accordance with best practice procedures, now including disciplinary actions as; exclusions from meetings, compulsory drug and alcohol counselling, along with monetary fines. Changes in the policy have been agreed on by the MA Board in the “MA Safety – Drug and Alcohol Policy" on 04 February 2017. 

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